Artificial Intelligence for the new era of mental health

Aimentia Health

We promote mental health towards a digital future

Aimentia Health is a virtual cloud-based platform created to help professionals and patients. Innovation and empirical evidence in traditional clinical practice to support our professional clients, empowering their work and vocation towards the forefront of the mental health.

Aimentia Virtual Deck

A customizable digital environment with smart tools, traditional resources, real-time patient information, detection and control of triggers, questionnaires and much more. Multidisciplinary fusion to achieve a modern and contrasted psychology with results.

Artificial Intelligence

Standardization of clinical psychology through artificial intelligence. Aimentia collects the user experience to provide a constant flow of data improving the capacity and efficiency of therapy providing diagnostic suggestions, metrics, data-based solutions and objectiveness.

Data Science

Aggregated data available to professionals or validated researchers. Pharmacological adherence controls, custom reports and management of your office anywhere, at any moment.

Real-time solutions for the well-being of mental health professionals and patients
Real help, professional help

Promoting the talent, vocation and professionalism of our clinical users with the endorsement of their patients. We defend mental health professionals against pseudoscientific intrusion, standing by your side to defend your rights and jointly design the tools of the future in mental health.

Only verified professionals have access to Aimentia Health. We continuously and strictly evaluate the activity with patients to maintain professional standards.

Solutions without borders

We build a bridge to break the social stigma in mental health, guiding and accompanying users anonymously so they can get the professional help they need.

At your disposal, we have a 24h emergency service with collegiate professionals. No distances, no obstacles, approach the solution from the comfort of your home.

All in one, at your service

Aimentia is complementary to any therapeutic orientation or specialty. Enable and personalize Aimentia with the services that best suit your work. Create your own network of professionals, consult gold-standard resources, plan your agenda, automate your reports and do not hesitate to present any clinical need in which we may help you.

Reinforce your practice with objective data from your patients and other anonymous users from around the world.

Aimentia Integrated

We optimize your office so you can spend more time with your patients focusing on clinical practice and study, we take care of the rest. Receive reports, information or medical histories automatically.

Customize therapy and control for each of your patients, receive notifications of possible abandonment of therapy and monitor relapses. Receive alerts on vulnerable profiles or serious disorders. We offer you a fully equipped virtual office in integrated with your traditional office.

Social commitment

Commitment is an act, not a word
At your service

We do not send spam nor recurring messages, you will only receive a message to inform about public access to the platform.

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For now, only those professionals which have been selected to participate in our beta version have Access to aimentia.

If you are a mental health professional, a researcher or the institution you represent might have synergies with aimentia: please, contact us through this form.