Aimentia supports every institution, association, individual or collective whose main goal is to build a future where mental health is a health fundamental core.

It is essential to democratize mental health treatments providing a better help access to all the people suffering from a mental illness. This is why it is urgent and necessary to provide the professionals modern and validated solutions to empower their expertise and face together the current mental health crisis.

From Aimentia we aim to strengthen the passion, talent and role of our mental health specialists. We strive to reach out, accompany and break down any stigma barriers, working towards a solution that emerges from the hope of many.

For everyone, for a future where there is always a way,
welcome to the new era of mental health.

Aimentia Team



suffering from mental disorders


Trillion $

global cumulative cost related to mental disorders between 2010-2030




abandoning therapy


Leading with you the new era of mental health
Fighting the stigma

We provide a safe environment where patient and professional feel comfortable. Help at everyone's reach.

Innovating together

Working together with our partners, we are committed to achieve a greater diagnostic accuracy and treatment reliability.

Supporting professionals

With Aimentia Health, we empower professionals to reach their full potential, impeding professional intrusion and pseudo-sciences from taking over along the way.